Photos: 30 from '10

Lately I’ve made a collection of my own favorite photos of the year, selected as usual according to top-secret, unreliable and entirely arbitrary criteria. Here’s the set for 2010:

30 from '10

It was quite a year: We began with five+ feet of snow in five days (3rd largest storm on record for Flagstaff), had huge wildfire on the San Francisco Peaks, and pretty much from August onward it was all Baby Joy, all the time.

Quite a year, indeed. Happy 2011!

Happy new year! Here's something cool from pinboard

Happy 2011! I’m considering some end-2010 thinking that may end up posted on ye olde blogge, but in the meantime here’s a nice treat from pinboard: A great customizable tag cloud widget (that’s a screenshot, not linked):

pinboard tag cloud screenshot

I’ve been using pinboard for about a year now, and have been nothing but happy with it. Now that the days for delicious are numbered, there’s no reason not to pay the signup fee and give it a try.

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