Easier done than said

Outrage fatigue has set in, making it hard to get steamed about stuff like this anymore. These guys just stand up and lie, with contrary evidence right in front of them. We get lies about the economy, lies about the tax cut, and lies about going to war.

The same continues to happen with regard to Tim Lambert’s ongoing whacking of John Lott with the honesty stick. On the efforts among Lott supporters to debunk a study that contradicts their own “research,” Lambert points out that, contrary to repeated claims otherwise, the study’s data is publicly available from ICPSR.

I checked, and yep, Lambert’s right. It took exactly seven seconds and a single click of a “search” button to find the study and whole mess of downloadable data.

Evidence. Right there. Data. Available. How do people get away this this crap? Unfortunately, the ability to readily disprove an egregious lie—er, excuse me, “extension of the truth” as I’m told we’re calling it now—seems to be easier done than said.

Edit: Oops. Accidentally dropped the “S” from ICP*S*R (to the joy of political scientists?).

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