Denial of service

There’s no doubt that spammers, like those who clog my logs with bogus referers and make trackback unusable are Assclowns of a High Order (I think that was also the title of a Gene Simmons solo album). Since making the switch to Textpattern a year ago, I haven’t had a single comment spam, and since Txp doesn’t have a trackback feature (yet?), I have been safe from the kind of attack that hit Crooked Timber yesterday. But the referer spam is heavy; and I don’t even display referers, so while it’s quite useless to the spammer, it still overloads my logs and takes up bandwidth that I pay for. Patching my htaccess with the latest batch of spam referer domains—a tedious, stupid, and ultimately ineffective thing to have to do—I noticed that the bogus web sites have something new: They all include a form for reporting abuse.

Ha-hah! Reporting abuse, and of course, they want you to leave your URL. Hey, a turnip truck!

But it occurs to me that the form leaves some opportunity, because all the domains that left spam in my logs use the same form. I’m not one to advocate misuse of network resources or anything, but I imagine that a hearty use of that form might make the spammer’s own ISP take notice.

Just sayin’.

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