About, the long version


My name is Alan, and this is my website (The Chicago Manual of Style having only recently freed me from the formal “Web site”). It is indeed a blog, but I request that you not hold this against me. This started out as what the hipsters would come to call a scholar-blog, but having finished my PhD and finding a different and unexpected New Thing to Do, it has turned into something else altogether. I talk about taking pictures, living in the high desert, and bits and pieces of everyday errata. I work in IT, but I don’t talk about that work here.

Favorite content (circa old-school)

It might be giving myself too much credit to call these posts “highlights,” so instead I’ll say about them that these are a handful of posts that I enjoyed writing, that generated some good discussion, that are interesting to me in one way or another. (This is a slight revisiting of my three-year bloggy retrospective, from back in the day, and both lists are now quite out of date.)

Not entirely frivolous (academic-stylings from back-when)
Largely frivolous

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About, the short version

I’m a sociologist-errant. This site is powered by Textpattern, Pair Networks and the sociological imagination. For more about me and this site, see the long version.

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