A question

When you turn on the coffee grinder, as usual, and run it for 25 seconds, as usual, without remembering to put the beans in first, does it mean, A) You need more coffee, or B) You’ve had too much coffee?

General coffee shop observation no. eleventeen

When did every indie coffee-house-approved ascendant male singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar start to sound like a woefully inadequate imitation of Dave Matthews Band circa Remember Two Things? Have I just not been paying attention for the past thirteen years?


Update When the guy switches to the piano to play a cover of “What a Wonderful World,” it’s time to go home.

Coffee snob cheap shot of the day

From the story noting that decaf still contains some caffeine:

Goldberger and his colleagues tested the caffeine content of decaf from 10 different coffee establishments. Only one — Folger’s Instant — contained no caffeine.

Makes sense. It doesn’t have any coffee in it, either.

Notes from the coffee shop #11

Number 1: If you find yourself in Scottsdale, check out the coffee shop whose name I can’t quite remember. Pegasus? Psygnosis? Pergola? Anyway, it’s way up north on Scottsdale Road, north of the 101. In a strip mall with a Walgreens. It’s family-owned, has good coffee, and wifi.

Number 2: On the other hand, Tempe seems to be rather lacking in good options. Google pointed me to one place that was out of business and in a strip mall that seemed to have lost favor to its larger, newer, shiner, down-the-road cousins. I had to retreat to Barnes and Noble.

Number 3: Back in Flagstaff. The upside is that every coffee shop I frequent here now offers free wifi.* The downside is that the one where I am currently sitting has a table undergoing repair, complete with power tools, hammering, and sawdust. Is it that imperative to get the thing fixed before the evening rush? The intermittent power saw is a wee bit distracting.


* In descending order of personal preference: Late for the Train, Macy’s, Campus Coffee Bean.

Coffee Art, literally

Derek visits a Seattle coffeehouse and gets a mocha that stares back at him. How can you drink something that looks at you?

Fair trade

Apology to the owner of the indie coffee shop who watched me hurry past with a Starbucks cup in my hand

I feel just terribly guilty about the whole episode. My parents gave me a gift card for Valentine’s Day, and who am I to turn down free cappuccino on principle? But when my $15 runs out, be certain that I’ll be back in your cozy shop, without which I would never have completed my successful grant proposal—for which I’m very thankful for your hospitality, thanks very much, although I wish you didn’t charge an extra fee for using a debit card.

Okay, that’s all.

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