Ever since coming back from Colorado, I’ve had a terrible cold, making me feel rather checked out. The couple of big deadlines in my immediate future loom both blurry and imposing, but the energy to tackle the work for them just isn’t there.

Nor is the energy for blogging, but I can still make lists of things I would have blogged in the past week.

  • I’ll concede that it must be hard to make a dramatic story about a guy who is essentially invincible. That said, Superman Returns really blows.
  • My student insurance is pretty much worthless while I’m living away from campus. Thanks, Arizona Board of Regents.
  • I heard today that 7% of people don’t metabolize codeine. Perhaps this is why my cough syrup has no effect whatsoever.
  • Students used to have this debate pretty frequently in my classes, and now an interesting study from Brookings finds that the working poor pay more than others for the same goods and services.
  • Disk Inventory X lets you navigate a treemap of your Mac hard drive. With the treemap, I quickly found a 1.5 gigabyte jpeg that iPhoto had created through some kind of crazy bug. Here’s a screenshot:

  • One more thing. Been reading Rory Stewart’s The Places in Between (NYT review).

And that’s all I’ve got for now.

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