The Northern Hotel, Fort Collins

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From this weekend’s trip to Colorado. Posted now to take advantage of Zooomr’s offer to give free accounts to bloggers. Well, sign me up.

Random notes from the road

A few observations from a weekend trip to Colorado:

  • Wifi in the Phoenix airport has improved dramatically from when I tried it last time. This time around, I could reach all my regular ports: secure SMTP, ssh, the works.
  • What kind of person goes to a blog, finds the email feedback form, and anonymously sends a message filled with the same repeated (and adamantly-stated, if the number of exclamation points are any indication) profanity?
  • The best breakfast burrito in Fort Collins is at Mugs on College Ave. Seriously, this sucker is tasty.
  • When chosing a restaraunt for a semi-formal celebration, it is not necessarily a sign of impending doom that the joint is around the corner from the Hunt Club. But it’s not encouraging, either.

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