Not processing, buying, nor selling

I’ve mentioned before how much I appreciate the blogging of Fred Clark at Slacktivist. Fred is a thoughtful and funny writer with a gift for conveying his insights. Tonight he not only speaks to the ugly, violent rhetoric of some immigration opponents, but burnishes his late 80s Cameron Crowe street cred at the same time by seamlessly dropping in a reference to hanging out at the Gas ‘N’ Sip by choice, man.

Fred is the rare blogger who is a man, not just a guy.


Updating listeners to goings-on with the Minuteman Project, local news has a couple of interesting items this morning:

  • Sheriffs are investigating claims that a pair of Minutemen (I hate even calling them that) detained an illegal immigrant and made him stand for a photo holding a T-shirt reading “Bryan Barton Caught an Illegal Alien and all I got was this T-shirt.” They also reportedly paid the border-crosser $20 for his trouble.
  • Asked why he is participating, one earnest man replied that it’s time to stop people from “coming up here with their failed philosophies and failed cultures and diluting our nation.” He had a pretty deep-south accent. Just sayin’.

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