Behind the music

I saw this over at Tom’s, and it looked like fun.

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first: ...Dust, Elvis Costello
last: Zoo Station, U2

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shortest: 0:09, Horn Intro; from Good News for People who Love Bad News, Modest Mouse
longest: 18:00, Play It All Night Long > [Encore:] 5D (Fifth Dimension) > I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead > Lawyers, Guns and Money; Warren Zevon, 2005-05-29

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first: Chain Reaction, 31knots
last: Kodiak, Zykos

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first: #1 Record / Radio City, Big Star (same as Tom’s)
last: Zopilote Machine, The Mountain Goats

ten most-played

(actually 11, because one is a radio stream and Teddy Morgan is too good to miss the list)
Son Volt, Windfall, Trace
Bishop Allen, Eve of Destruction, Charm School
Joel RL Phelps, Goodbye Kelly Grand Forks, Customs
Son Volt, Live Free, Trace
Son Volt, Tear-Stained Eye, Trace
KNAU streaming audio
Calexico, Alone Again Or, Convict Pool
Erica Wylie, What’s Unseen, Stoop
Cake, Short Skirt/Long Jacket, Comfort Eagle
The New Pornographers, From Blown Speakers, Electric Version
Teddy Morgan, 1000 Miles, Freight

first five on party shuffle

Elvis Costello, Petals, When I was Cruel
Modest Mouse, The World at Large, Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Chris Cubeta, Sugar Sky, Sugar Sky
Jay Farrar, 6 String Belief, Stone, Steel & Bright Lights
Ted Leo, The Sword in the Stone, Balgeary EP

Number of search returns for

sex: 12
love: 136
you: 241
death: 22
hate: 2
wish: 4
life: 37

10 last played

The Hold Steady, Charlemagne in Sweatpants, Separation Sunday
The Hold Steady, Hornets! Hornets!, Separation Sunday
Okkervil River, A King and Queen, Black Sheep Boy
Okkervil River, Get Big, Black Sheep Boy
Okkervil River, Black, Black Sheep Boy
Okkervil River, In a Radio Song, Black Sheep Boy
Okkervil River, For Real, Black Sheep Boy
Okkervil River, For Real, Black Sheep Boy
Okkervil River, Black Sheep Boy, Black Sheep Boy
Gina Villalobos, Fooling Around, Rock N Roll Pony

Upgrade hassle

This is a tiny peeve. As I’ve written before I quite like using iTunes to manage my music—enough that I’m on a long migratory path from various flavors of Linux, back to Windows, on my way toward a someday-Mac.

iTunes seems like a reasonably sophisticated application, and is self-aware enough that it can inform me when a software update is available. So why is it that in order to install an update for iTunes, I have to exit, switch to my web browser, download and run an installer, and re-agree to various license agreements? Is updating iTunes similarly cumbersome on the Mac?

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