New UA library resources

The following comes to me in a memo from the UA library:

Beginning August 21, articles and book chapters from the University of Arizona Libraries print collections will be scanned and delivered to your desktop for free. You will now receive, free, all articles you need whether the UA library own the journal or not.

This is cool, especially for folks like me who are off campus and can’t just waltz to the library to copy an article from Mobilization (one journal to which the UA library doesn’t yet provide electronic access). Now, if they can scan/deliver a chapter that comes in a volume they retrieve via interlibrary loan, that will be even cooler. We’ll see.

Kip/Yep PDF library

This is a pretty cool tool: Kip is basically a nice, iPhoto-like interface to a library of PDFs. It includes a tagging system and supports a scanner for adding all those bits of paper that you think you might want to keep but don’t want to put in a file box—So it could act like a sort of Delicious Library for receipts, correspondence, etc. Well, if I had a scanner. As an added bonus, it syncs with .Mac, too. That’s pretty cool. If it did BibTex—for instance, could read my BibDesk library—then it would be way cool.

(zooooomr)—You get a little preview window, with tags, when you mouseover a PDF.

Update: Kip is now called Yep, and will cost $50 when September rolls around.

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