Facebook network visualization

Quick ‘n dirty visualization of the clusters of relationships among my facebook friends:

Facebook network visualization

Data generated with Bernie Hogan’s My Online Social Network app on facebook, and visualized with GUESS. Good stuff, Bernie!

Thanks to Marc Smith — he’s one of the nodes up there — for the link to the flickr version of this image over at Connected Action.

Brayden King and Kieran Healy (they’re up there in my visualization, too) have posted their own plots over at orgtheory: one, two.

Way, way behind the music

Use Band to Band to find connections between your favorite emo crooner and your guilty pleasure hesher. How many steps does it take to go from Ted Leo and the Pharmacists to Santana? Fourteen. How about Wilco to Social Distortion? Only 8. Bad Company to Fountain of Wayne? Twelve. But you’ll need 18 hops to get from Genesis to Green Day.

The site’s creators say that the project was born out of a computer networks class, and that the longest current path is 32 hops.

(Link via Let it Be Known)

About, the short version

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