Snow in Flagstaff! Our first measurable snow was actually on Sunday, but that storm hardly counted: 7 of 11 weather stations in the area recorded zero precipitation. Today’s storm, with snow coming down pretty steadily outside my office door, seems much more substantial.


Snowing on the weather widget


It’s exciting to have a bit of real winter here. I hope this snow sticks around for a while (though the forecast, as my weather widget indicates, is for warmer and dry after today).


Update: Lest I again be tarred as a postmodernist, I’ll point out that I did in fact take pictures of the actual snow. But it took a day to get the film back from the, um, photographic lab-o-ratory.

snowing in the pines

Christmas vacation 2005 ski index

Trips to the cross-country ski park: 3
Miles of groomed trail: 15
Dogs that love snow: 2

Trips to the Basin: 1
Price in dollars of an adult day pass: 58
Sticker shock: +1

Inches of fresh powder last Tuesday: 12
Sidecut, in mm, of the K2 Super Stinx: 16
Sweet tele turns made: Lots
Days of aching, crippled quadriceps: 4

Inches of snow in Flagstaff: 0

Big Kris in a small pond

(Or, Alpine Style, Revisited) Via E. Wesp at Printculture comes a lovely holiday anecdote about the competition for Santa of the Year. It turns out that you can in fact get points for falling out of one’s sleigh:

“You go up two at a time, head-to-head,” [British Father Christmas Ron Horniblew] told The Mail on Sunday. “I was up against the Estonian and I won the race. He actually fell off his sleigh. But he got awarded extra points for falling in a particularly Santa-like style.

I do wonder what that looks like, and if there is a standard scoring system for Santa tumbles. Shaking like a bowl full of jelly? Check. A wink and a nod? Check.

Wesp includes a couple of valuable holiday tips: “Be happy that consumerism has a different name than the birth of your redeemer,” and “Stop shoveling snow if you start vomiting”—good to know.

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