Hey, http://www.[you're a giant douchebag].com/profiles/blogs/buy-soma-without-prescription

Eat me.

(Anybody notice the clever use of user profiles to insert otherwise benign-looking referrers into the referrer spam, lately?)

Bogus spam subscription inside Bloglines?

Update: Thanks to Bloglines’ Mark Fletcher for taking a look at this. On closer inspection, the phone cards feed seems to have replaced the feed from a blog whose feed I do subscribe to: In place of Tom Volscho’s blog (at blogspot) is something else entirely. Tom Volscho, where have you gone? Did the phone card people hijack your URL and stuff you in a phone booth somewhere? Perhaps I should rename this entry Spammers claimjump blogspot feeds?

I’m not sure what to make of this: It looks like a regular feed in my set of Bloglines subscriptions, but I’ve never subscribed to this one. It’s an ad for phone cards and it’s displayed exactly like any other feed:

Is anybody else seeing something like this? This feed was plugged right into one of my subscription folders.

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