Foode Newse

I see from this week’s Weekly that Tucson has a new Irish Pub coming, right down the street from campus. If the construction photos are any indication, the place has its requisite fifteen pieces of flare and then some. The interior was apparently build in Ireland, then shipped to Tucson (as was Kieran. Maybe he can weigh in). Olde-world authenticity aside, I’m not sure the owners know exactly what they mean when they write that the friendly atmosphere inside will “echo the pathos of rural Ireland to a tee.” Is pathos really a selling point? (The site is flash-full and not linkable; from here click on “about” for the pathos-ridden spiel.)

Also from the Weekly comes news that Tucson’s Krispy Kreeme locations have closed. I can’t count the number of times I bought various swamp cooler parts and then swung through the Krispy Kreeme for some extra sugar. The donuts weren’t ever particularly good, but they were sweet, and I loved to watch them plod along on the conveyor.

Photo update

Here at the skeleton house I have the blooming garden to keep me company. We put in this section of landscaping a year ago, and it’s a real treat to see it flower—and flower like crazy, thanks to our wet winter.


And a shot of where I’m headed: The little house on the Plateau.

Welcome to Side Two

A handful of weeks ago we took a trip to Flagstaff. It’s not exactly the Great White North, but it’s north of here, and it was plenty cold up there that night. But I like Flagstaff; it’s smaller than Tucson and is more like my kind of town. [1] So I’m happy that Heather’s organization offered her a new position there, which she decided to accept (turns out she’s really good at those maps). Heather will move there in April, and I’ll follow her after the semester ends.

This will mark Heather’s transition to full-on Sugar Mama status, as I won’t be teaching or working as an RA during this time. (Though I hope to find a fellowship or something to give me a little funding, because although her new job is a step up, Heather is still working for The Non-Profit, so her new salary doesn’t quite make up the difference. I’m looking to avoid accumulating any name tags and/or hair nets during the next year.) Instead, I’ll be focusing full-time on my dissertation. I am a little nervous about the creep of slack that seems inevitably to accompany the away-from-department dissertation process, but since Flagstaff is just a quick four-hour drive from here, I’m planning regular visits back to town so that I can keep in touch with departmental goings-on and keep accountable to my dissertation schedule.

My dissertation seems to be on track: With my ASA paper finished, I’ve returned to working on finding survey respondents, distributing the survey, and collecting additional survey data. The goal? To have major data collection near completion by the end of the semester, so that I can produce some early analyses this summer and impress impress various people with them.

With all that ongoing, my list of non-sociology background tasks just got longer: It’s been a while since we moved, and there’s lots to do.

1 It’s close to the Grand Canyon, for instance—although I know I’m not supposed to think about hiking when I have so much work to do.

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